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Hudson Recognized as Pro-Family, Pro-Life Leader

February 12, 2015
February 12, 2015
Hudson Recognized as Pro-Family, Pro-Life Leader
WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, U.S. Representative Richard Hudson (NC-08) released the following statement after receiving the “True Blue” award from Family Research Council Action for his extraordinary leadership and unwavering commitment to defending life and promoting family, faith and freedom:
“I am honored to receive this award and humbled to be recognized for my work to promote life, defend marriage and protect our faith and freedom. As a Christian and husband, I firmly believe that family is the foundation of American life and will continue to work to protect and strengthen the family.”
The “True Blue” award honors Members of Congress who have stood courageously in Congress to advance pro-family, pro-life policies, scoring a perfect 100% on last session’s score card.
Votes in the U.S. House of Representatives included:
  • Banning abortion on pain-capable unborn children nationally
  • Preventing the appointment of non-religious, atheist military chaplains
  • Delaying Obamacare and protecting conscience rights
  • Preventing federal funds from paying for abortion and health care plans that include abortion