North Carolina is fortunate to be called home by thousands of veterans. As representative of the fastest growing veteran population in Fayetteville, I’m committed to getting our veterans the care they deserve. Caring for these heroes and their families is of the utmost importance, and I will continue to fight for those who have given so much for this nation. They made a promise to defend our country from enemies, and we must ensure that we keep every promise made to them for their service.
Willingness to serve in the future is directly related to the treatment and quality of care that veterans receive today. As a new generation of veterans return from over a decade of war, it should be this nation’s top priority to ensure that they have access to top-notch facilities and care. In many cases, this means restructuring the existing facilities and practices to focus on the medical issues that veterans face today. Today’s veterans often face bureaucratic obstacles at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that hamper their access to care instead of expediting it.
I have been determined during my time in Congress to break this bureaucracy and ensure veterans have access to timely and quality care, and I will continue working until we reach that goal. I introduced the bipartisan Care Veterans Deserve Act to expand access to care while enhancing choice, flexibility and quality in veterans' health care.
As long as I am your elected Representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure every veteran’s need is met both in casework and in legislation pending before Congress. 


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