Bringing Jobs Back to North Carolina

Job creation in this country is not spurred by government.  It begins with getting government out of the way of the American people and allowing our nation’s job creators and entrepreneurs to rejuvenate business and put people back to work. My first priority as your elected Representative is put people back to work.  We can only be successful if our government creates an economic-friendly environment that allows businesses to grow and hire people.

For too long, we have seen both parties tax-and-spend their way from crisis to crisis.  It is time for responsibility and accountability in Washington.  We must face the facts that we simply do not have the money to pay for all these outdated and wasteful government programs.

Principles for Job Growth:

  1. End Washington’s addiction to spending

  2. Get big government out of the way

  3. Invest in the American people to get this economy moving

What do we need and what am I doing about it?

  • Responsible Federal Budget. I supported a budget plan that balances in less than ten years.  I invite President Obama and Senate Democrats to commit to the same common-sense goal.

    • This budget will stop spending money we don’t have by cutting wasteful spending, fixing our broken tax code to create jobs and increase wages, protecting and strengthening important priorities like Medicare and national security, and reforming welfare programs like Medicaid so they can deliver on their promise.

    • I have also cosponsored two Balanced Budget Resolutions (H. J. RES 1) and (H. J. RES 2) to force Washington to live within its means.

  • Repeal the Government Takeover of Health Care. We must get rid of the government takeover of health care that was enacted in March 2010. In the 113th Congress, I cosponsored and voted for bills (H.R. 45 and H.R. 1005) to repeal this job-killing law.  I also joined my House colleagues in proposing our own solution (The Empowering Patients First Act) to the health care problems we have in this nation.  The Empowering Patients First Act makes health care more affordable, accessible and protects the doctor-patient relationship.

    • On February 3, 2015 I voted for H.R. 596 to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered health care reforms that foster job creation, lower costs and empower patients with more choice.

  • Less Regulation. I cosponsored the REINS Act (H.R. 367) which passed the House on August 2, 2013.  This legislation would require Congress to approve every new major rule proposed by the Executive Branch, which has an annual economic impact of $100 million or more, before it can be enforced on the American people. 

  • Strengthened Workforce.  I cosponsored the SKILLS Act (H.R. 803), legislation to modernize and reform our federal workforce development programs and help prepare more people for the jobs of tomorrow, which passed the House on March 15, 2013.

    • We have the opportunity at Kannapolis Research Campus to revitalize our workforce and get North Carolinians working again in stable and high-skilled jobs. I have visited the campus several times and have seen firsthand what their work can do for our economy. I will champion every effort to maintain their progress and build upon it for our future.

    • On July 9, 2014, the House passed The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (H.R. 803), a bipartisan, bicameral agreement that sticks to the same reform principles as the SKILLS Act to create a leaner, more effective and more accountable job-training system. While I had hoped the Conference Committee would maintain all reforms found in the House-passed SKILLS Act, our job-seekers can’t afford the status quo. I will continue my work to get government out of the way of jobs and help unemployed North Carolinians access the skills needed to get back to work. On July 22, 2014 this important legislation was signed into law by the President.

  • Smarter, More Efficient Government. For far too long, the federal government has frivolously spent the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars with little-to-no accountability or oversight.  We have to get off this irresponsible path before it is too late.  I know that we must make the tough choices to get our fiscal house in order which is why introduced the Federal Sunset Act of 2015.

    • This bill forces Congress to acknowledge the waste, fraud and abuse found in the maze of the federal bureaucracy. My plan guarantees a change in the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars and will result in a complete overhaul of our budgeting system.

  • Transparent, Accountable Government. I’ve heard from small businesses and employers in our district, and one agency that has recently raised concerns is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC is tasked with a noble mission to protect American workers and job-seekers from discrimination, but has overstepped its bounds and burdened our job-creators by levying frivolous and baseless lawsuits against businesses. In the 113th Congress, I introduced the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Transparency and Accountability Act (H.R. 4959), which was dubbed an “excellent idea” by the Wall Street Journal, to ensure meaningful oversight that certifies the EEOC stays focused on carrying out its core mission.

  • Reformed Tax System. I support completely overhauling our current tax system. We need to simplify and flatten the tax code so it is fairer for all American individuals, families, small businesses and job creators. I also introduced legislation to permanently repeal the death taxand received the Benjamin Franklin Awardfrom the 60 Plus Association, a national non-partisan senior citizen’s organization, for my work to repeal the death tax.

  • Protecting North Carolina. I understand the unique role of textiles in North Carolina.  I will fight for our jobs in the textile industry and work to enhance American textiles abroad.  As the negotiations continue on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, I will advocate for a strong position for North Carolina companies.  I led a letter with over 170 of my House colleagues to urge the Administration to protect our textile industry.

  • Maintaining Our Strength in Agriculture. It’s no secret across the nation and the world that North Carolina is one of the premiere agriculture states in both diversity and production. With more than $78 billion in economic impact and 16% of the North Carolina workforce, our farmers and the agribusiness community are a key component to our economy and I will continue to work to preserve and promote their business in every way.

    • As Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural America Task Force and the Agriculture Policy Group, I have introduced legislation to prevent family farms from paying an immoral death tax. My bill, titled Farmers Against Crippling Taxes Act (H.R. 186) would permanently repeal the federal estate tax.

  • Domestic Energy Production to Lower Energy Prices, Create Jobs. While Americans continue to be disappointed by dismal jobs reports and a high unemployment rate, one of the few recent bright spots in the U.S. economy has been domestic energy production. Right here at home we have a tremendous opportunity to explore energy production opportunities and should pursue that opportunity in earnest. We must employ an “all-of-the-above” energy policy which develops proven and reliable sources as well as exploring for more domestic sources right here at home.

    • As co-Chairman of the Atlantic Offshore Energy Caucus, I have been a staunch advocate for getting North Carolina into the energy business. I’m committed to advancing policies that explore and expand energy production in the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf as part of an all-of-the-above national energy strategy.

    • I strongly support the Keystone XL pipeline and voted for the bill which passed the House to bring this important resource online. 

  • Maintain a Right-To-Work Workforce. North Carolinians understand the value of a right-to-work state. Business works when employees have a choice.

    • I have cosponsored The National Right to Work Act (H.R. 946), which would end Big Labor’s federally-authorized power to force workers to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment.

    • I have also cosponsored The Secret Ballot Protection Act (H.R. 2346), which ensures no one can deny workers their fundamental right to vote their conscience, free from pressure or threat of retribution.

  • Keeping Promises. I realize we must make good on our word to America’s seniors. I have been recognized as a Guardian of Seniors’ Rights by the non-partisan 60 Plus Association for my work to protect Social Security and Medicare and be a voice for America’s seniors in Congress. I support a plan to prioritize our spending so that we meet our obligations.  It is long past time for Congress to make the difficult decisions and deal with the problem that is facing us.

    • Social Security and Medicare are going broke, and it is time to strengthen and preserve these programs to ensure they are there for our children and grandchildren.  

    • According to the most recent Social Security Trustees Report, beneficiaries will face a painful 23 percent benefit cut in 2033 when the Trust Funds are exhausted.  At that time, even those who are currently on Social Security would face indiscriminate cuts in benefits at a time when they are increasingly reliant on the program.

    • Also included in the Social Security Trustees Report is another alarming date: Medicare will go bankrupt in 2030. Unless Congress fixes what’s broken, without breaking what’s working, the program will end up causing exactly what it was created to avoid – millions of American seniors without adequate health security and a younger working generation saddled with enormous debts to pay for spending levels that cannot be sustained.

    • The facts are certain.  Reports like these do not allow for any more talking from Washington.  It is time to take action to protect these essential programs. That’s why I voted to:

      • Strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, and allow Medicare patients to keep seeing their own doctors.

      • End the $700 billion Obamacare raid on Medicare, and improve vital safety net programs for seniors.

      • Empower tomorrow’s seniors with more coverage options, including the traditional fee-for-service Medicare.



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